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Carbide Hopper Fill Cart

The Carbide Hopper Filling Cart is custom built with spark resistant features and capacity to match the generator’s hopper size. It is used to move carbide to the generator hoppers for filling.

A Spark Resistant Air Hoist (908 or 2721 Kg. capacity) is used for safely lifting the Carbide Hopper Filling Cart up to the carbide hoppers on the acetylene generators.

Optional: Air Compressor to supply air to the hoist and air operated controls.

The carbide hopper fill cart is constructed for heavy-duty service. The filling slide valve is made of non-sparking brass. Two of the three wheels are fixed and the third is moveable.

Carbide Hopper Fill Cart Sizes:

a. 272 kg. (600 lbs.)

b. 544 kg. (1200 lbs.)

c. 1135 kg. (2500 lbs.)

Safety Standards