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Start-up and Commissioning Services

Rexarc provides professional installation support services designed to support critical phases of product delivery through successful installation and start-up. Engaging Rexarc for Start-up and Commissioning services is the best way to ensure faster, safer, and more efficient project completion.


Start-up and Commissioning Services

Our services can be divided into the following three areas:

  1. Remote Installation and Pre-commissioning support is provided to help expedite the set-up process. In order to maximize the value of this service, documentation is provided with major components and systems to outline recommended procedures that can be completed prior to a technician’s arrival and/or start-up. This service can be made available at an hourly rate with Rexarc products whenever required by the Client. This service is billed at an hourly rate.
  2. On-site Start-up and Commissioning services are available and can include activities such as oversight in installation, pre start-up system testing, post-start-up verification of installed equipment, and operator training. This service is billed at a daily rate.

For best results, on and off-site services are often combined into one service package ensuring smooth set-up and high efficiency levels during day-to-day operations.

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