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Model 925 Acetylene Cylinder Filling Plant

The Rexarc 925 Acetylene Cylinder Filling Plant is designed for maximum carbide yield and high efficiency. The rated plant capacity is 25 m3 per hour, and charges 40 cylinders at one time. The Rexarc acetylene plant is constructed and inspected with a best practice policy that meets the intent of design principles and manufacturing practices from Section VIII of the ASME codes. It is also designed to NFPA 51A: “Standards for Acetylene Charging Plants 2006”. Equipped with all of the safety features found only in Rexarc plants, the 925 is characterized with low building and installation costs.

This acetylene plant is skid mounted with the generator mounted on one skid and the process equipment installed on a second skid.

The medium pressure generator is the highly efficient “SCREW FEED” type capable of using calcium carbide of graded size from 4 mm up to 50 mm with a maximum dust content of 15%. The recommended carbide size is 25 X 50 mm. The generator has automatic water inlet, residue agitation and residue discharge. The generator comes complete with a single 272 kg capacity hopper which is recharged by exposing only the hopper to atmospheric pressure. The balance of the system remains sealed, permitting fast recharging with calcium chloride and a quick return to charging cylinders.

The process skid consists of equipment to cool the acetylene and to produce acetylene that is 99.6% pure. Laboratory grade acetylene purity is based on USA grade calcium carbide or the equivalent being used.

Two 40 cylinder manifolds come with master valves, station flame arresters and flexible cylinder filling leads that have non-return check valves. Hand wheels with nipples that use o-rings to seal make the connection of cylinders quicker.

A motor control center is used to control all automated processes of the acetylene plant.

Click here for more information: Model 925 brochure (1.7MB PDF file)