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Rexarc’s ATX Series acetylene cylinder filling plant is built to last and for expansion in the future. Unlike other systems, Rexarc systems can be expanded with just a few added components. The Rexarc ATX Series plant is available is sizes from 50 to 250 m3 per hour. It is designed to Section VIII of the ASME Codes. It is also designed to NFPA 51A: “Standards for Acetylene Cylinder Charging Plants”. A complete set of installation drawings, installation instruction manual, operating and maintenance manuals are included. A group of one year spare parts is included, which includes items for the generator, medium pressure drier, purifier, compressor, high pressure driers, manifolds and acetone pump that need replaced under normal operating conditions. Individual components are available upon request.

48 Cylinder "MC" Cart

Acetylene Generator
The generator produces acetylene gas at less than 0.6 bar(8 psig) pressure.

Acetylene Compressor
Acetylene comes from the process skid at 0.4 Bar (6 psig) and is compressed up to 25 Bars (370 psig).

Process Skid
The process skid consists of a cooler condenser, ammonia scrubber, medium pressure drier, purifier and a purifier scrubber.

Motor Control Center (MCC)
Controls the components function through the programmable logic controller (PLC).

Acetylene Detection System
Rexarc offers a complete acetylene gas detection system for continuous monitoring of the cylinder filling room.

Automatic Lubricator
The automatic lubricator is an air operated displacement type lubricator.

Charging Cylinder Manifolds
The acetylene cylinder filling manifolds are protected with flame arresters placed before and after each shut-off valve.

High Pressure Driers
The set of three high pressure driers are ASME coded vessels...

Digital Cylinder Scale
The electronic digital scale is designed for weighing cylinders in locations classified as hazardous.

Carbide Hopper Fill Cart
The carbide hopper fill cart is constructed for heavy duty service.

Acetone Pump
Heavy duty industrial air motor pump with air booster valves. Includes a muffler for quiet operation.

Piping Kit

ATX Series Plant Brochure Download

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