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    Our products can be viewed online by clicking on the product categories. If you prefer, we also offer our Catalog brochures in PDF format below.  Our Acetylene Brochures are in several different languages for customer convenience.


    Industrial Gas Distribution System
    (5.2 mb PDF File)

    Specialty Gas Equipment
    (1 mb PDF File)


    Model 925 Acetylene Gas Plant Brochure
    (1.7 MB PDF File

    ATX Series Acetylene Plant BrochureSelect the language of your choice below.

    English  Spanish
    French  Portuguese 
    German Chinese

    Model 50 PS Portable Acetylene Generators
    (268 kb PDF File)

    Model 301EM Transportable Acetylene Gas Plant
    515 kb PDF File)

    Portable Gas Distribution Centers
    (657 kb PDF File)

    Liquid Flashback Arresters
    (533 kb PDF File)

    Automatic Switchovers for Specialty Gas
    (491 kb PDF File)

    Pallet Master 639
    (502 kb PDF File)

    The Dynamic Duo –
    Gas Economizer and Model 43 Torch

    (556 kb PDF File)

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    Dewar Drop

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    Acetone Pump

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    Quick Disconnect for Acetylene

    New Gas Mixing System

    Econ-O-Flow Oxygen/Inert Gas Manifold

    Multipurpose Toolbox

    Portable Gas Distribution Centers

    Hydraulic Flashback Arresters

    Automatic Switchovers for Specialty Gases

    The dynamic duo – Rexarc Gas Economizer and Model 42 Torch

    LI- Economical Industrial Gas Changeover Manifolds

    Pallet Master 639

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